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    Not the best nor worst company to work for Cleaner Ex dipendente - Carlisle - 1 aprile Strictly speaking I never worked directly for the supermarket chain, I was working for a contract firm who did the maintenance and cleaning around the store.

    What can I say about this job other than it was merely a means to end and nothing much else beyond that. Nature of work was just basically janitorial duties checking toilet areas, emptying bins, listening for call outs to clean up spillages, and general upkeep and tidiness of shop floor including colleague areas etc.

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    No staff discount or anything like that for us cleaners I'm afraid! We felt like we were looked down on just because we were classed as a separate firm.

    Had to work weekends and bank holidays which is understandable due to nature of the business.

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    When ringing in sick however, it would mean points on our record every time any of us were absent which would later incur written warnings and disciplinary action. Also felt pressured into doing overtime when short staffed and not always enough notice was given on the rota.

    Aspetti positivi.

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